A God Problem?

smiling black woman

A friend I’ll call Meeka is a sassy black lady. She’s the rare type of person who can speak her mind bluntly and get away with it. Very open about…

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St. Teresa of Avila

People ask what names to look for in spotting iffy teaching. Medieval mystic St. Teresa of Avila is one. No judgment is being made on Teresa’s motives/sincerity. But her encounters…

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Thin Place? Thin Ice.

cosmic-new age image

In recent years, some Christian writing speaks of a “thin place”: “The constant repetition of [Jesus’] name clears my head. . . . I am able to create what the…

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Uh . . . We’re Not Habakkuk

journaling hands

I was disappointed in an old blog post of Pastor Rick Warren’s. He makes a parallel between the prophet Habakkuk and us—basically conveying that since Habakkuk wrote down messages from…

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“Ask God to Tell You?”

Watch for enticements that pull away from God’s Word and lure us with the more “exotic.” I’m speaking of the current emphasis on trying to initiate special revelations and visitations…

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