Here, Kitty Kitty… Not.

grumpy cat

Guess we shouldn’t be surprised that reiki’s use has expanded to other species. Just do an online search of “reiki for pets” and see for yourself. I especially checked out various sites related to reiki for cats. One cat’s bad behavior was diagnosed as being caused by its “bad childhood.” This had resulted in the cat’s head and heart chakras…

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Columbus Monthly (OH) magazine (July 2016 issue) had a story about a reiki center. Among other “professional therapies” offered at that location were “shamanic services.” Shamanism is defined by Webster’s as: “religion . . . characterized by belief in an unseen world of gods, demons, and ancestral spirits responsive only to the shaman.” It’s interesting that reiki practitioners (including ones…

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Religion and Health Care

doctor with clipboard

In May 2017, Jay Sekulow’s website featured the story “Faith Shouldn’t Disqualify You from College” (an update from an ongoing lawsuit). A college interviewer had said that the applicant to a medical program “brought up religion a great deal during the interview.” And in the interviewer’s opinion, the radiation therapy field “is not the place for religion.” So the applicant…

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Impart and Activate?

illuminated dove

In August 2017, heard a faith healer on TV. Lost count of all the unscriptural things he said. One example: Though he was speaking to a room full of Christians—who, by definition, would have the Holy Spirit living inside them—he was going to bring the absent Holy Spirit into the room. And fire would be involved. The man’s spiritual family…

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Reiki on the Sly

"reiki" in Chinese characters

I discuss reiki from time to time. But I really recommend doing your own further research. You’re gonna need more information than just “My friend says.” This will get you started . . . Reiki practitioners supposedly channel the “universal life force” into the patient. Though some promoters deny a spiritual context, others openly acknowledge that the practice is spiritual.…

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