Trendy Ain’t Always Cool

child covering face with hand

Nobody likes to be viewed as out of step, uncool. So we tend to latch on to whatever is deemed trendy, even if it’s a tad vulgar (like words that Webster’s tags as “coarse”) or disrespectful of God (like “OMG”) or glamorizing something spiritually dangerous. In that last category… A TV ad for the Popeye’s fast-food chain promoted a new…

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America’s Shift Toward Buddhism

Buddha statue head on the ground

This one-hour audio is the workshop I led (with my sister) at the 2014 International Conference on Missions. The recording deals with mysticism and interspirituality, as well as Buddhism.   The handouts mentioned are linked below. Your Sunday school class or small group can easily listen to the workshop and do further research with the handouts to have your own…

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beaker and bottle of poison

Psalm 106:35, 36 says that God’s people “mingled with the nations and adopted their customs. They worshiped their idols, which became a snare to them.” About the fact that the Israelites adopted pagan customs (“learned their works,” King James Version), the classic Matthew Henry commentary (originally published in 1706!) says, “That which is rotten will sooner corrupt that which is…

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Kirtan—a Problem for Certain

Well, friends, it’s hard to keep up. Terms that I’ve never heard of (even though “All Things Bizarre” is my major!) continue to show up and promise us exotic spirituality. Like kirtan. One source defines kirtan as “Indian devotional music . . . which involves chanting the names of God.” (This seems typically done in ancient Sanskrit, but sometimes in…

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Is It or Isn’t It?

Hindu man praying

There are a number of spiritual practices accepted in the church these days that authorities admit originated in Eastern religions or occult ritual. But we’re assured that the questionable aspects have been removed—and now the practice is OK for Christians. Hmm. Let’s say that some Hindu worshippers are gathered. The leader says, “Today we’re celebrating the Lord’s Supper.” One member…

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