End of Your Rope?

dangling end of a rope

Years ago, one of our Bible study members confessed that she was absolutely at the end of her rope. Besides full-time work, she was caregiver for younger and older family…

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Confidence + Humility

confident man

I often bragged about my cancer doctors. I was so impressed with their perfect mix of confidence and humility. In the realm of Christian teachers, when I think of confidence…

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Nehemiah: Faith Plus Force

We see Nehemiah’s FAITH all through his story as a hands-on governor amid the suffering of his people. During the rebuilding of the Jerusalem wall (and surrounded by relentless troublemakers),…

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The Easiest Life There Is

Mom used to say, “The Christian life isn’t easy, but it’s still the easiest life there is.” Others seemed to think the Christian life was the most difficult, citing temptations,…

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Alice’s Amusing Insight

Cockroach saying "I'm hard to kill!"

My friend, the late Alice Patrick, said some things that still help me—and maybe they’ll help you. She had been through some serious health issues, and I was worried about…

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