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Living Dangerously

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Jay Sekulow’s ACLJ periodically has to defend a student whose Bible has been confiscated at school and/or the student has been told it’s forbidden to talk about Jesus there, even during free time like recess. Here’s one such report about a fourth grader.

I can’t help wanting to take advantage of this kind of situation to turn it on its ear. Think about how kids are so easily tempted to do “forbidden” things. Of course, those are usually bad things, like lying or stealing or cheating on homework. And more exotic no-nos, like dabbling in the occult. But for Christian kids who like that kind of excitement, who want danger, perhaps they should consider the daring—and increasingly “forbidden”—behavior of talking about Jesus, reading the Bible in public…

Of course, we parents and grandparents need to be living dangerously as well, right? You know, to show them how it’s done.

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