Fake Spirituality Leaves You Hungry

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Because of the success of the Jesus Calling books, we should expect to see other writers showcasing what God supposedly spoke to them. I just read one such book. I’d rather not name it, but here’s what I got from it:

  • There was a—let’s call it a constipation—as far as progress. On so many pages God keeps having to back up and reassure the writer that he is trustworthy, that he loves and cares. In other words, there were repeated soothing, feel-good messages. And things that the writer would (or should) already know from Scripture. I soon wanted to scream, “Get on with it!”
  • God supposedly says, “Angels will be descending to keep the blessings coming.”
  • God is quoted to say, “No one else can lead you into the inner chambers of My heart. . . . Only revealed knowledge brought to you by My Spirit can lead you there. I won’t allow others to mislead you.” But then some other entries read as if the writer had been misled, had wrong ideas.
  • Multiple times the supposed God who is speaking tells this individual that she is his bride. And in one spot, says, “Oh, how I long to be your lover, your Bridegroom. Religious people are not lovers. . . . I am looking for a lover. For a Bride, not a slave.” Note that in the Bible, the church as a whole (not each individual) is spoken of as the “bride of Christ.”
  • There were various supposed prophecies for the whole country. Naturally, this makes the person feel special, part of an inner circle with secret knowledge.
  • And this God says, “I will impregnate you with divine life, divine seed.” If you’ve read any New Age books, books supposedly channeled through a spirit guide (that is, a demon) . . . well, that wording is reminiscent.

When I finished this book, I was starving—both physically and spiritually!

When you really want to listen to God, open his Word. He’s speaking loud and clear, not to mention accurately and with power! Fully satisfying. Bread of life. You won’t need to go looking for any empty-calorie dessert.

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