No Religion Is Fair

"Not Fair" stamp

It’s a fact. Not a single religion is fair. But there are two categories under that. 1—All the non-Christian/Eastern religions, atheism, occultism, the cults, New Age, and even the Roman Catholic version of Christianity . . . They’re all UNFAIR. Why? Because you have no way of knowing who’s calling the shots, and/or you can’t ever be sure that you’ve…

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Reimagining the Facts of Easter?

cartoon of CPR

Reimagine is one of those words we’re seeing: “reimagining Christianity,” “reimagining Jesus” . . . But if something was a fact in the first place—as opposed to something merely imagined—it can’t be “re” imagined (like, you can’t “re” visit Paris if you’ve never been). I’m on high alert when I see the word “reimagine” in a Christian context. Sadly, it…

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Easy Does It!

That’s my title for this pair of “painful” editorial bloopers that were in kids’ Sunday school lessons. How about this: “Pass papers into the leader and have him read them.” [Ouch! Let’s pass our papers TO, not INTO, the leader.] Then there’s this one: “Keep your hands and feet on your own body unless you have permission to do otherwise.”…

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Redeem the Other Religions?

text from Deut. 12:13 and 20:18

How easy it is to start accepting a term/phrase we read, without really evaluating it. “Redeem the other religions” is one of those; we’re hearing it more and more often. Look for the good in the world religions, we’re told. Redeem them. Yes, there happen to be bits of truth in any belief system. But does the Scripture say anything…

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Dogma Double-Talk

I read an article titled “Awakening Avalon” in Whole Living magazine’s Nov/Dec 2016 issue (flip to page 13 here to read it). Author Tara L. Robinson, a New Age high priestess, calls us to get in touch with our own divinity and let the magick flow. She made a point of saying that she doesn’t like dogma . . .…

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