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Can You Spell Cemetery?

In my book Devotions by Dead People, I wrote that years ago people used to be able to spell the word cemetery. But at some point, you began seeing it misspelled cemetary and cematery. What happened? My idea was that Stephen King’s book (and then the movie) Pet Sematary triggered the confusion. When we’re exposed to something over and over, it gets into our minds. And then—even if it’s wrong—we somehow seem to start accepting it, start adapting to that, altering just one little thing at a time.

In my illustration, I could picture Old Testament King Amaziah doing that kind of adapting. He didn’t start out too badly as king. Early in 2 Chronicles 25, it says that he pretty much did what was right in God’s eyes. But he drifted in and out. One time he conquered an enemy, confiscated their gods, and brought them home. Next thing you know, he was worshipping those gods. Duh. Worshipping the gods of the losers?

I picture him bringing home a bag of gods and dumping them in his hallway. The next morning, maybe he thought, “They’re kinda exotic and interesting . . . Let’s see how that tall one looks on the mantel . . . Oh well, might as well try a prayer or two . . .” Just taking one more step away from the Lord, and then another and another. Verse 27 specifically says that King Amaziah “turned away from following the Lord.” And then a conspiracy resulted in Amaziah’s death.

I often mention false teachings/practices that are being introduced into the church. It’s good to remember that the enemy is crafty and subtle in how he leads us away, “one letter” at a time, until our mental files are messed up. And we never even noticed the shift.

So . . . can you spell cemetery?

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