Anything Goes?

In Scripture, particularly the Old Testament prophets, it’s so clear that disregard for the Lord’s Word/way goes hand in hand with immorality (especially of a sexual nature). The scenario repeats over and over.

Today’s “love and peace” proponents say that humanity can produce a perfect world—no need to bother with the Lord and his Word. But who can point to any nation, ever, that had an “anything goes” society and remained a powerful nation—and that we would consider a successful, truly free paradise we’d like to imitate and live in?

While trying to get my thoughts together on that subject (to do a Facebook post in June 2015), I learned that a seemingly related book was being released: Virgin Nation. (I read only snippets and am not offering a wholesale endorsement; just mentioning as food for thought.) The book’s introduction is even titled “Sexual Purity and National Security.” A Publishers Weekly article quoted the author as saying: “A leader recently told me, ‘Any society that [operates] on “do whatever you want” has been destroyed, and now we’re experiencing the moral decay within civilization.’”girl's shoe next to guy's shoe

Friends, I don’t write these posts as a way for us to vent or rail against society. They’re reminders of how important it is for the church to know what the Word says and to hold ourselves accountable to live it. That’s how we’re equipped to help others see the benefits of the Lord’s way—and understand the heartache and danger that result from ignoring it.


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