Protected by the Bible

armadilloCan the Bible protect us? Many animals have built-in protection against their enemies. They carry their protection with them all the time. Snails and turtles can climb into their shells. Lobster and crab bodies are shell-like all over. Armadillos appear to be dressed for a major battle! The spiny lizard’s scales are all tipped with sharp points. An enemy who bites into one of these guys might think he got a mouthful of thumbtacks!

Would you like to have that kind of protection against your enemies—something that would make your worst enemy go away? Well, you do. See, your worst enemy is Satan. And he simply cannot win against God’s Word. Jesus made Satan go away by quoting from God’s Word (see Matthew 4:1-11). You can memorize God’s Word, carry God’s Word, study God’s Word, sing God’s Word, and pray God’s Word.

I think you’re covered.

(That article is one of many I wrote for the Live Wire student take-home paper for preteens in the HeartShaper Sunday school curriculum line of David C Cook.)


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