Is the Bible to Be Believed Literally?

You sometimes hear people say that the Bible is their authority but that they don’t believe every word is literally true. They’re contrasting themselves against those people who do believe every word is literally true.

Uh . . . hold it. Not a single Christian anywhere believes that “every word in Scripture is literally true.” For example, no one thinks that God pitched a literal tent for the sun (Psalm 19:4). And we know that Jesus told parables, made-up stories. How could we think those are true when by definition they aren’t? When people feel the need to assert that they don’t believe every word in the Bible is literally true, it’s best to take notice. It’s possible they’re merely trying to sound cool and modern, but sometimes it’s a clue that they have a low view of Scripture and don’t even believe that the literal parts are true.

People’s false notions will pass away. But the Lord’s Word is eternal (Psalm 119:89); his Word proves true/is flawless (2 Samuel 22:31); his Word is truth (John 17:17).

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