Mysticism in the Church: 10 Things to Watch For

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I’ve talked with so many people who report that when they heard or read something that was supposed to be Christian, they got what I call “that gritty feeling”—a sense that it wasn’t quite right, theologically, but they couldn’t pin down the problem. If that’s ever happened to you, you’ll find these downloads useful: Mysticism in the Church: 10 Things…

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How Silly!

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I talk a lot about the trendy but biblically erroneous teachings on new spiritual technologies. The suggestion that we can finally unlock the “secrets” to a full life of faith capitalizes on our culture’s desperate search for purpose and prevalent “fear of missing out” (see more on those topics here and here). But not only is it dangerous for Christians…

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America’s Shift Toward Buddhism

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This one-hour audio is the workshop I led (with my sister) at the 2014 International Conference on Missions. The recording deals with mysticism and interspirituality, as well as Buddhism.   The handouts mentioned are linked below. Your Sunday school class or small group can easily listen to the workshop and do further research with the handouts to have your own…

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Mysticism and Spiritual Formation

Mysticism and spiritual formation. I’ve deeply researched these for 10 years. We each need to grasp the whats and whys of the mysticism that’s already in so many of our churches. Check out Dr. Gary Gilley’s excellent 5-part article on mysticism, starting with Part 1. Spiritual formation is a Trojan horse in which mysticism is riding into the Bible colleges…

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Christianity Has No Room for Mysticism

In February 11, 2013, the Christian Standard magazine featured an article by J. K. Jones titled “The Spirit in Spiritual Formation.” The article contained a gentle criticism that Christians need more mysticism. Many things about God are mysterious, beyond our understanding. But we shouldn’t confuse mysterious with mysticism. The following text is what I wrote in response to that article.…

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