Faith Must Stand on Truth

Just steering you to two items I’ve had on file, which I believe will strengthen you personally and also provide tidbits you can use to help others. Hey, it doesn’t have to be new to be good, right? Here’s a really serious but entertaining John Lennox (Oxford scholar/professor) lecture. It’s called “Miracles, part 1” but it’s mainly about truth, belief/faith.…

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Atheist Agenda

ancient Scripture fragmets

I recently came across apologist Greg Koukl and his Stand to Reason ministry. But I was fascinated by his article “Tactics for Atheists.” Koukl is digging into (and exposing) strategies for turning Christians into atheists—that he found in a book titled A Manual for Creating Atheists. One key is that the author of that book has defined faith as “belief…

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To Play Among the Graves

young girl dancing in the sunshine

At Dad’s funeral we had a closed casket with a military flag draped across. In attendance was a woman from Dad’s church, with her 3- or-4-year-old granddaughter in tow. The child had sort of been Dad’s pet at church; he took her candy every week. Of course the child had no idea what this funeral was. Beforehand, as people arrived…

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End of Your Rope?

dangling end of a rope

Years ago, one of our Bible study members confessed that she was absolutely at the end of her rope. Besides full-time work, she was caregiver for younger and older family members with various problems. This woman was so completely overwhelmed, feeling that no one else had problems as bad as hers, wondering where God was…all that. We helped her as…

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Nehemiah: Faith Plus Force

We see Nehemiah’s FAITH all through his story as a hands-on governor amid the suffering of his people. During the rebuilding of the Jerusalem wall (and surrounded by relentless troublemakers), he often prayed things like “Remember me, O Lord” and “Hear us, O our God, for we are despised.” I love Nehemiah’s action of praying plus posting a guard (Nehemiah…

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