Lectio Divina

statue of angel reading Bible

From several years back, lectio divina was pushed in small groups as THE way to read the Bible. The term is Latin and means “divine reading.” Groups may each be…

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They Want Our Kids

Kid with a target on him

At the 2022 International Conference on Missions, my sister and I led a workshop titled “They Want Our Kids.” Here’s the handout we used. The handout is a limited bullet-point…

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“Humbug and Chicanery”

girl appearing to float in front of a pair of wings painted on a wall

H. C. Leupold’s old commentary on Isaiah mentioned the ancient people’s futile reliance on mediums, sorcerers, and the like. Leupold slammed all that as “manifold forms of humbug and chicanery”…

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Feeling, Faith, and Fact

hands reaching over a rock

Many posts on this site deal with the importance of knowledge, evidence, facts, truth. Other posts touch on our tendency to over-emphasize self and feelings. Please site-search for some of…

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Critter Cringe

sad-looking pug wrapped in a blanket

The radio show was in progress. A poor guy, obviously grieving, said, “ … and I had promised him I’d be with him when the end came <sniff>.” I thought…

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