The Easiest Life There Is

Mom used to say, “The Christian life isn’t easy, but it’s still the easiest life there is.” Others seemed to think the Christian life was the most difficult, citing temptations, duties, persecution, etc. Mom wasn’t denying those things. I think she just realized the power and implications of Jesus’ words, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened,…

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Tiny Witness

two little girls

Christians sometimes fear they don’t know enough to evangelize/witness to someone. But we can always start with what we do know. When we were living in Japan, I happened to overhear a conversation (in Japanese!) between our daughter, Karis, and the little neighbor girl, Masae, as the two kids sat out in the sunshine. Of course, Masae knew nothing of…

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Useful Idiots

Name tag that reads "Useful Idiot"

The term useful idiots seems to have been used by both Lenin and Stalin to refer to people here in the West who were doing things unawares to promote Communism/Socialism. These “idiots” were “useful” to the people at the top, who actually understood what was happening and who sometimes were manipulating things. A number of websites offer this definition: “Some…

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The Wind Phone

In May of 2017 I learned about the wind phone. It’s a phone booth with an unconnected phone, located in Japan in the area of the earthquake-tsunami-nuclear disaster of 2011. This “wind phone” (kaze no denwa) was actually installed before the disaster, by a man who was trying to cope with the loss of a cousin. After the disaster, though,…

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Alice’s Amusing Insight

Cockroach saying "I'm hard to kill!"

My friend, the late Alice Patrick, said some things that still help me—and maybe they’ll help you. She had been through some serious health issues, and I was worried about her. “How are you, Alice?” She smiled easily and answered, “The REAL me is fine!” Alice didn’t have an Eastern idea that her body wasn’t real. She just meant that…

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