The 12 Months of Christmas

If January tends to find you exhausted after Christmas, here are some ideas to note on your calendar—now!—in order to guarantee a happier, more sane Christmas next time. The 12…

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God Hates Us All?

Stopped at a train crossing for a very long time, I was entertained by the graffiti on the sides of the train cars. (Yes, I know it’s defacing the property…

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basketball team huddle

It was the University of West Virginia vs. University of Texas men’s basketball game, February 20, 2021. Both teams were highly ranked, so it promised to be a good—and tight—game.…

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Undercover Agents

Art of Samson destroying the temple

Some people mentioned in the Bible forcefully took action against things related to false gods/false worship. For example: Gideon tore down his father’s altar to Baal, which shouldn’t have been…

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Can’t Rely on Publishers

pile of papers marked "rejected"

Publishing companies are in business to make money. That includes Christian publishers—and not all Christian publishers are run by Christians. If a book about angels gets lots of attention, suddenly…

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