Out of My Mindfulness Part 1

young boy in meditation pose

ACLJ attorney Jay Sekulow’s bulletin of December 11, 2018 focused on complaints about Buddhist/Eastern meditation being forced on school kids. More from that in a minute. Various “relaxation” programs have been appearing in the public schools for years. Most parents and teachers didn’t pick up on the religious implications because (1) parents often didn’t even know this was going on;…

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Simple Buddhism?

At portlandbuddhistcenter.org I saw this “simple” message of Buddhism: We can’t depend on anything to be permanent Our actions have consequence We can change for the better OK, this messes with my head. Given #1, #2 makes me respond, “But don’t worry, the consequences won’t be permanent.” And #3 makes me respond, “That’s terrible. The improvements won’t last!” And can…

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serene lake with pier

Visiting in Japan in October 2016, on my one night in a hotel room, I suddenly realized I’d not watched any Japanese TV. It was fun to land on a kabuki theater performance and also a documentary about antique Noritake dishes. Then an announcer introduced the next hour’s topic: “mind-oh-foo-roo-nessu.” That’s mindfulness. I knew this is all the rage in…

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