America’s Shift Toward Buddhism

Buddha statue head on the ground

This one-hour audio is the workshop I led (with my sister) at the 2014 International Conference on Missions. The recording deals with mysticism and interspirituality, as well as Buddhism.   The handouts mentioned are linked below. Your Sunday school class or small group can easily listen to the workshop and do further research with the handouts to have your own…

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Buddhism Basics

Lynn at a Buddhist temple

Because there are many branches of Buddhism (and multiple contradictory teachings within), it’s tricky to nail down what we might call Buddhism 101. But that’s sorta what you’ve got with the 2-page handout offered here, “Buddhism Basics,” which you can print and use with your small group. The concise chart and the breakdown by numbers (4 noble truths, 5 precepts,…

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Worldviews 101

In my post “Worldview—3 Choices” I’d described a simple way to understand the basic worldviews (natural, supernatural, mystical). To discuss this and related subjects with your small group, I’m providing a handout that you can print and use. As Christians are tempted by elements of other religions and try to merge those into Christianity, it’s important to grasp that there…

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