Too Busy Singing

US Navy choir

Ever feel helpless, like your troubles are too big to handle? Even kids do sometimes! So I was telling the grandkids the story of King Jehoshaphat’s army (2 Chronicles 20:1-30). An assortment of enemies had gathered together against God’s people and were going to attack. God’s people had an army but surely not with the equipment of those other armies,…

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Everybody Wants a Piece of the Cross

Celtic cross in a field of daisies

Everybody wants a piece of the cross. One of those travel guys on TV visited a museum in Europe that was filled with religious relics. There was a tooth supposedly from John the Baptist, a piece of the tablecloth claimed to be from the Last Supper and a piece of wood allegedly taken from the actual cross of Jesus. Local…

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Jars of Clay

clay doll

The figurine you see pictured here was a gift from a friend in Japan years ago. Packaged with the gift was a note that said: “Be gentle with her. For like us, she is made only of clay.” Sometimes when I glance in her direction, it seems almost as if she’s sweetly reminding me, “Don’t forget. You’re not really very…

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“What Are You Gonna Do About This, Lord?”

man holding Bible with outstretched hands and praying with

When in a threatening circumstance, you might consider doing a King Hezekiah thing. Remember when Assyrian King Sennacherib threatened Jerusalem? The phenomenal account is in 2 Chronicles 32:1-23 and Isaiah chapters 36, 37. Read all that to get the full effect. But the part I’m zeroing in on is Isaiah 37:14ff. King Hezekiah takes Sennacherib’s threatening letter to the Lord’s…

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