Ouija Angel Boards

ouija board

“Well, would you try to Christianize a Ouija board?” When I’ve asked that question, heads start shaking no, as anticipated. I use that question because most Christians know enough about the Ouija board not to even consider using it in relation to the Lord Almighty. Whereas, an object or practice that is new (or at least unfamiliar) to us can…

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Keep an Eye on the Door

soldier in hat and sunglasses

Several years ago I was meeting my cousin Lafe for dinner. Having arrived at the restaurant quite a bit early, I took the side of the booth that faced the door so I could wave when he arrived. He came in wearing a cap and sunglasses with small lenses, looking—as I’d thought so often before—like the perfect poster guy for…

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An Aversion to the Blood

African-American drummer

A few years ago on a Wednesday night, our gospel choir was practicing for Sunday. The song was all about the blood of Jesus. Suddenly in the middle of practice, out of nowhere, the thought came: He’s gonna try to stop it. I felt in my heart that the enemy would try to stop us from singing this song on…

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Don’t Wake Up with Double Petunia

drooping petunia

It was pointed out to me how Satan—during the temptation of Jesus recorded in Matthew 4—pulled a bit of Scripture out of context to suit his purposes. He quoted Psalm 91:11, 12 to encourage Jesus to jump; after all, “it is written” that angels would come and catch him. But read all of Psalm 91. Among other things, we see…

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Can You Spell Cemetery?

In my book Devotions by Dead People, I wrote that years ago people used to be able to spell the word cemetery. But at some point, you began seeing it misspelled cemetary and cematery. What happened? My idea was that Stephen King’s book (and then the movie) Pet Sematary triggered the confusion. When we’re exposed to something over and over,…

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