True Path to Enlightenment

artwork by Joni Eareckson Tada

A PBS special about the Buddha described his tedious quest for enlightenment. He reportedly drank his own urine, slept on nails, practiced Eastern meditation, ate a single grain of rice a day, was disappointed in gurus . . . six years of self-torture. Commenting on that list of deprivations, the Dalai Lama chuckled and said that, yes, reaching enlightenment is…

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A “Personal” Problem

buddha statue in mist

Robert Thurman, a Tibetan Buddhist (and the “leading American expert” of that religion), said that the idea of a personal God is problematic “from an enlightened point of view.” Both the apostle Paul and the prophet Isaiah dealt with religious views that would elevate people and lower God. Some things never change—even “new” religious teachings are the same old false…

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Simple Buddhism?

At I saw this “simple” message of Buddhism: We can’t depend on anything to be permanent Our actions have consequence We can change for the better OK, this messes with my head. Given #1, #2 makes me respond, “But don’t worry, the consequences won’t be permanent.” And #3 makes me respond, “That’s terrible. The improvements won’t last!” And can…

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