A Cupboard Comparison

a handful of uncooked spaghetti and two small tomatoes on a table

When our son Clint was in high school, his friend (whom I’ll call Lissa) came over to work on a school project. They soon got hungry and went to the kitchen. When Clint opened the pantry, Lissa practically jumped back. Said in a shocked tone, “What happened?!” Indeed, the shelves contained only a handful of items. (Picture how it looks…

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Can We at Least Manifest Contentment?

Contentment: “Feeling or manifesting satisfaction with one’s possessions, status, or situation.” In that definition, the “manifesting” jumped out at me. We don’t always feel content, but what if we manifested contentment? Wouldn’t that be a witness that we trust the Lord to be able to use us in the current situation, even if we’d prefer it to be different? How must it…

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