Prince of Peace

text of Isaiah 9:6b

A Japanese lady I met in Seattle had, 50 years ago as a very young woman in Japan, started reading the Bible on her own. But she had no one to discuss it with. Experiencing many family difficulties, she asked the Buddhist priest how to find peace. He basically explained karma: do good and good will come; do bad and…

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Jesus Gives True Rest


Once at my daughter’s church in Seattle, the guest Sunday school speaker described the life and work of the late Japanese Christian artist Sadao Watanabe, under whom she had studied. Watanabe had been looking for peace, when he read Jesus’ words in a Bible: “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest”…

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Peace Hocus-Pocus?

A friend asked me to report on something called the American Peace Intention Experiment (APIE). I’m not sure I have the strength! Google-search that term and you’ll find that, apparently, the first experiment took place a few years ago. That plan was for “hundreds of thousands of participants” to mentally send the same “intention for peace.” Afterward, some “leaders in…

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“Until You Reached This Place”

handwritten scripture

The year was 2000. My husband, Mark, had quit his job (partly at my insistence) because he was literally pacing the floor in his desperation to get back to Japan (where we’d been missionaries years before). The Japan plan wasn’t clear. The financial plan even less clear. But the motive was pure. And…well, some things ya just gotta do. We…

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