Undercover Agents

Art of Samson destroying the temple

Some people mentioned in the Bible forcefully took action against things related to false gods/false worship. For example: Gideon tore down his father’s altar to Baal, which shouldn’t have been…

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Witnessing Can Be Simple

coworkers talking

The minister had said that our own pride can keep us from mentioning the Lord to others. He challenged us to be approachable so that friends will want to talk…

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The 11th Child

child standing outside of a closed door

March 2021. Some Sunday school classes had been canceled altogether during the year-long COVID “emergency.” Wanting to open back up, many considered Easter Sunday to be a good time. But…

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Asking Good Questions—Part 3

woman at white board with 5 "WH" questions

In dialogue with Christian friends about certain teachings/practices, I’ve been thinking in terms of asking “5 questions down.” That is, keep peeling back layers of the same specific topic rather…

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