A New Name—and It’s Free!

kaimyo on wooden stakes in Japanese graveyard

When we lived in Japan, we learned that one aspect of a Buddhist funeral is that the priest creates a name (kaimyo) that is assigned to the dead person for use in the afterlife. There is also superstition that if the deceased isn’t given a proper send-off, he becomes a wandering spirit, who might possibly come back to commit mischief.…

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A Not-So-Happy Day?

We are saved by the blood of the Lamb/blood of Jesus. But that concept is a problem if you’re trying to mix all the world religions. Some time ago I saw a TV special about the importance of music in world faiths. (This was an episode of the Global Spirit series, titled “Sound of the Soul.”) The subtle message was…

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No Religion Is Fair

"Not Fair" stamp

It’s a fact. Not a single religion is fair. But there are two categories under that. 1—All the non-Christian/Eastern religions, atheism, occultism, the cults, New Age, and even the Roman Catholic version of Christianity . . . They’re all UNFAIR. Why? Because you have no way of knowing who’s calling the shots, and/or you can’t ever be sure that you’ve…

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“O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing”

image of hymnal page

Apparently Charles Wesley wrote this hymn (with 19 verses!) to celebrate the one-year anniversary of his conversion. And that event is reflected in the words: “On this glad day the glorious Sun / Of Righteousness arose . . .” But when we sang this one day, I was struck by another verse: “He breaks the power of canceled sin, /…

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Prince of Peace

text of Isaiah 9:6b

A Japanese lady I met in Seattle had, 50 years ago as a very young woman in Japan, started reading the Bible on her own. But she had no one to discuss it with. Experiencing many family difficulties, she asked the Buddhist priest how to find peace. He basically explained karma: do good and good will come; do bad and…

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