A New Name—and It’s Free!

kaimyo on wooden stakes in Japanese graveyard

When we lived in Japan, we learned that one aspect of a Buddhist funeral is that the priest creates a name (kaimyo) that is assigned to the dead person for use in the afterlife. There is also superstition that if the deceased isn’t given a proper send-off, he becomes a wandering spirit, who might possibly come back to commit mischief.…

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No Religion Is Fair

"Not Fair" stamp

It’s a fact. Not a single religion is fair. But there are two categories under that. 1—All the non-Christian/Eastern religions, atheism, occultism, the cults, New Age, and even the Roman Catholic version of Christianity . . . They’re all UNFAIR. Why? Because you have no way of knowing who’s calling the shots, and/or you can’t ever be sure that you’ve…

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The Blood of the Lamb

crosses on red background

The Parliament of the World’s Religions meets every year. One of the speakers in 2015, Diana Butler Bass, has written a book, Christianity After Religion. The cover advertises “a renewed faith that stays true to the real message of Jesus.” Inside, the book refers to past “awakenings” and then says that “this [next] awakening is different,” that it’s “not about…

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