Everybody Wants a Piece of the Cross

Celtic cross in a field of daisies

Everybody wants a piece of the cross. One of those travel guys on TV visited a museum in Europe that was filled with religious relics. There was a tooth supposedly from John the Baptist, a piece of the tablecloth claimed to be from the Last Supper and a piece of wood allegedly taken from the actual cross of Jesus. Local…

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Reimagining the Facts of Easter?

cartoon of CPR

Reimagine is one of those words we’re seeing: “reimagining Christianity,” “reimagining Jesus” . . . But if something was a fact in the first place—as opposed to something merely imagined—it can’t be “re” imagined (like, you can’t “re” visit Paris if you’ve never been). I’m on high alert when I see the word “reimagine” in a Christian context. Sadly, it…

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Resurrection—What Does It Mean?

empty tomb

Resurrection is one of those words that may have been given a new meaning in the Christian books you’re reading. The idea is that Jesus’ body didn’t literally rise from the dead (some suggest his body was eaten by dogs); what “resurrected” (or lived on) was merely faith or the experiences people had with Jesus. The story of the resurrection…

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