Recognizing Sorcery

pentagram type drawing

I wonder, do we understand what sorcery is—and that it’s forbidden? There are Christians who, for example, try to exercise supernatural power by praying inside a magick circle. It’s interesting…

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Columbus Monthly (OH) magazine (July 2016 issue) had a story about a reiki center. Among other “professional therapies” offered at that location were “shamanic services.” Shamanism is defined by Webster’s…

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Impart and Activate?

illuminated dove

In August 2017, heard a faith healer on TV. Lost count of all the unscriptural things he said. One example: Though he was speaking to a room full of Christians—who,…

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Ancient Christian Practice

“Ancient Christian practice.” This term is showing up in lots of Christian literature to get us to accept whatever “practice” is being described. The truth is that sometimes what’s being…

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