“He Never Failed Me Yet”

Gospel Choir

To drive away the darkness, I sometimes read Scripture out loud (and have advised friends to do the same). But if you feel even too oppressed to do that, turn on some black gospel music—real loud. I love this rendition of “He Never Failed Me Yet.” But at some point, I noticed a nuance in the words that I hadn’t…

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The Shack—the Plot Thickens

night shot of a shack

Writer William Paul Young grew up knowing God as “schizophrenic, narcissistic…angry and distant,” someone to be appeased. I’m so sad for Mr. Young. It’s good that he wanted to portray God differently in The Shack (first published 2007). Sadly, he swings too far into “warm fuzzy” and misrepresents God in other ways. Young’s background with church people he describes as…

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Delighted to Obey

Cason's basketball portrait

You know how teenage boys are. You say “You need a haircut,” and they say “Aw, Mom.” You say “Those pants are getting raggedy,” and they say “No, they’re fine.” But when my son Cason started playing high school basketball for the late Coach Will Collins (Bellefontaine, OH), I witnessed a phenomenon. Now, Coach Collins was a bit of a…

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Big, Scary God

Even as a child, I never understood why people cringe at the idea of the big, scary God whom they refer to as “the God of the Old Testament.” Isn’t big and scary what you want? I do! Don’t soldiers want a tough general—one who absolutely knows what he’s doing . . . and who also cares about them? Remember…

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“A Mighty Fortress”

I was puzzled (back in 2016) to read what David Jeremiah said about the hymn “A Mighty Fortress” and others. He called such songs “comfort music for weak-kneed saints.”  (Life Wide Open, p 164). He wrote that statement in agreement with Calvin Miller’s thought that too often we sing “hymns that center on faith as a protective refuge” in order…

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