How Silly!

rusty lock on old door

I talk a lot about the trendy but biblically erroneous teachings on new spiritual technologies. The suggestion that we can finally unlock the “secrets” to a full life of faith…

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rustic house on stilts

An airline flight has a starting point and a desired destination. But if someone messes with the controls, the trajectory shifts. Bit by bit, and unnoticed by the passengers, the…

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ABCs of False Teaching

On my “More from Lynn” page, I offer free handouts for your own research or to use as the basis for study with a Sunday school class/small group. As teachings…

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Not About Religion?

dictionary entry for "religion"

I heard Deepak Chopra say, “Religion is buying into someone else’s experiences instead of having your own.” Hmm. The people at Merriam-Webster’s don’t seem to be aware of this definition.…

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