Can’t Win Without Good Seniors

On March 22, 2019, after the University of Cincinnati men’s basketball team was defeated in the NCAA tournament, Coach Mick Cronin was asked about the year the team had had. This team had lost key players from last year, and many (most?) people had predicted a losing season this time. Coach said he’d learned something long ago from his father…

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Delighted to Obey

Cason's basketball portrait

You know how teenage boys are. You say “You need a haircut,” and they say “Aw, Mom.” You say “Those pants are getting raggedy,” and they say “No, they’re fine.” But when my son Cason started playing high school basketball for the late Coach Will Collins (Bellefontaine, OH), I witnessed a phenomenon. Now, Coach Collins was a bit of a…

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Keep Playing Defense


March 14, 2018, wrapped up another great college basketball season! University of Cincinnati has always been known for defense. But this year much notice was given to the fact that Coach Cronin had maybe the best offensive team of his tenure. That’s why it was interesting that whenever Coach was asked to comment on the offense, he still insisted on…

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Can’t Help Speaking About the Lord

I love it when respected people in the spotlight give a shout-out to the Lord. As the 2017 NCAA men’s college basketball tournament progressed, I noted that a few players thanked God or “the Lord Jesus Christ.” When South Carolina made it into the Final Four, Coach Frank Martin praised/thanked his family and the team, saying, “God has put incredible…

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When the Game Gets Bigger

It was intense as the University of Cincinnati and Xavier basketball teams were neck and neck in their annual “crosstown shootout” (on 1/26/17). In the second half, UC freshman Jarron Cumberland came off the bench and wowed the crowd with some pretty impossible moves and shots. UC won. In the post-game interview, when the radio guy asked Coach Mick Cronin…

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