Witnessing Can Be Simple

coworkers talking

The minister had said that our own pride can keep us from mentioning the Lord to others. He challenged us to be approachable so that friends will want to talk with us about our faith. But he also urged us to grab opportunities to “approach someone you’re not supposed to approach.” Hmm. That sure caused self-examination! As I began to…

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Atheist Agenda

ancient Scripture fragmets

I recently came across apologist Greg Koukl and his Stand to Reason ministry. But I was fascinated by his article “Tactics for Atheists.” Koukl is digging into (and exposing) strategies for turning Christians into atheists—that he found in a book titled A Manual for Creating Atheists. One key is that the author of that book has defined faith as “belief…

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Science vs. Christianity, per John Lennox

If you need material on science or atheism vs. Christianity, check out this math professor from Oxford (England). A very kind person, but tough, straightforward material (with a bit of whimsy). He’s put himself in very challenging situations, including coming up against the beliefs of Richard Dawkins (“the world’s most prominent atheist”), Stephen Hawking, and other famous unbelievers. At Lennox’s…

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