Mysticism in the Church: 10 Things to Watch For

man holding book and pondering

I’ve talked with so many people who report that when they heard or read something that was supposed to be Christian, they got what I call “that gritty feeling”—a sense that it wasn’t quite right, theologically, but they couldn’t pin down the problem. If that’s ever happened to you, you’ll find these downloads useful: Mysticism in the Church: 10 Things…

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Just a Couple of Old Soldiers

It was 1981. My parents were visiting Japan, helping us to build a building. While Dad installed kitchen cabinets, the Japanese tile man, Mr. Narahashi, was installing the Japanese-style bath. (Everybody should have an American kitchen and a Japanese bath!) During a breather, the two men stood drinking coffee. Only the most casual of introductions had been made. (Of course,…

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Ouija Angel Boards

ouija board

“Well, would you try to Christianize a Ouija board?” When I’ve asked that question, heads start shaking no, as anticipated. I use that question because most Christians know enough about the Ouija board not to even consider using it in relation to the Lord Almighty. Whereas, an object or practice that is new (or at least unfamiliar) to us can…

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Visualization—a Fiction Writer’s Perspective

I’ve touched on the topic of visualization several times on this blog. For example, here’s one post. But to get a deeper—and super insightful—take on the subject, see the free download “A Novelist Looks at Visualization.”  

Necromancy No-No

dark gothic house and solemn girl

I’d picked up some free, secular, young teen books that looked like spooky mysteries (which I always liked!). But I was horrified at the content of one, All the Lovely Bad Ones by Mary Downing Hahn. It was about a supposed haunted place. And the last third of the book had the two key characters seeing and chatting happily with…

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