ABCs of False Teaching

On my “More from Lynn” page, I offer free handouts for your own research or to use as the basis for study with a Sunday school class/small group. As teachings and practices from Eastern religions, New Age, and the occult sneak into the church, the goal for these downloads (as well as my related blog posts and links) is to…

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A Major Sacrifice

smouldering fire

“This devotional for teens . . . provides a strong visual demonstration of what it means to offer their lives as a burnt offering to God.” [We know what that is supposed to mean, but it would be better not to read so much like human sacrifice.] “It is Jesus who gives his life for the sheep on the cross.”…

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Checked Your MQ (Money Quotient) Lately?


I don’t consider myself a money expert. And yet . . . Books by money management experts usually haven’t proven very useful to me. You see, I’ve been reduced to absolute zero twice in my adult life, and the books seemed to be written by people who didn’t really know what that was like. For example, there was advice to…

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Of Mice Rats and Men

mysterious mouse silhouette

To be a country where everything is small, Japan certainly has large mice. Over here, we’d call them rats; but the Japanese call them mice. (That is, the Japanese word nezumi encompasses the whole delightful species.) Now, the Japanese people are small. When I lived there, I was directed to the LARGE department for a size 7½ shoe. The coffee…

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Soul Retrieval—What Will They Come Up with Next?

This practice is associated with shamans (and so, possibly a Native American connection). In this context, the word soul doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing Christians mean by the soul. One promoter (Kenn Day, “Post-Tribal Shamanism,” Whole Living Journal, Mar/Apr ’17) blames our problems (addictions, abuse, etc.) on the idea that we’ve become disconnected from “our ancestors and spirits that…

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