Prince of Peace

text of Isaiah 9:6b

A Japanese lady I met in Seattle had, 50 years ago as a very young woman in Japan, started reading the Bible on her own. But she had no one to discuss it with. Experiencing many family difficulties, she asked the Buddhist priest how to find peace. He basically explained karma: do good and good will come; do bad and…

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Jesus Gives True Rest


Once at my daughter’s church in Seattle, the guest Sunday school speaker described the life and work of the late Japanese Christian artist Sadao Watanabe, under whom she had studied. Watanabe had been looking for peace, when he read Jesus’ words in a Bible: “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest”…

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Delighted to Obey

Cason's basketball portrait

You know how teenage boys are. You say “You need a haircut,” and they say “Aw, Mom.” You say “Those pants are getting raggedy,” and they say “No, they’re fine.” But when my son Cason started playing high school basketball for the late Coach Will Collins (Bellefontaine, OH), I witnessed a phenomenon. Now, Coach Collins was a bit of a…

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Confidence + Humility

confident man

I often bragged about my cancer doctors. I was so impressed with their perfect mix of confidence and humility. In the realm of Christian teachers, when I think of confidence plus humility, I think of people like the late R. C. Foster and Harry Ironside . . . and the very-much-alive Jack Cottrell, Ravi Zacharias, John Lennox . . .…

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Of Passion, Purpose, and God’s Will

man walking in fog

What if I Can’t Find My Calling? “What’s wrong with me?” seems to be the feeling as so many people these days appear to be in an endless search for life’s secrets. All the talk conveys a desperate struggle to “discover my passion,” “fulfill my purpose,” “find my calling,” “discern God’s will,” and of course, “be happy.” Sure, it can…

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