Defying the Dark Side

Worried about finances? The enemy likes to have us wringing our hands. Instead, get mad! Go overboard to defy him. My personal example is from a time when we had so…

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Not Quite a Miracle

drawing of Bible scene with child

This is a flashback to a Bible drama performed at a retreat years ago when we lived in Japan. The drama was “The Raising of Jairus’s Daughter.” My father-in-law played…

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Understanding Mysticism

Some people confuse mysticism with mysterious. They’re not the same. Many things are mysterious. But mysticism is an “ism”—based on the idea that we can’t connect with God via our…

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Almost Christianity?

man with arms folded, but flexed muscles drawn on chalkboard behind him

Some Christian books and speakers use a “Bible light” approach. Don’t want to be too strong/open about the Lord’s way—that might not be appealing. And yet, what’s appealing or helpful…

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When the Game Gets Bigger

It was intense as the University of Cincinnati and Xavier basketball teams were neck and neck in their annual “crosstown shootout” (on 1/26/17). In the second half, UC freshman Jarron…

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