Ancient Christian Practice

“Ancient Christian practice.” This term is showing up in lots of Christian literature to get us to accept whatever “practice” is being described. The truth is that sometimes what’s being discussed isn’t an ancient Christian practice at all but, rather, an ancient PAGAN practice that some ancient Christians foolishly adopted. Trace the spiritual family trees of the authorities being referenced.…

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Are We All God?

Hugh from "What's Up, Doc?"

In the climactic scene of the classic comedy What’s Up, Doc?, a mob of disruptive courtroom witnesses has Judge Maxwell on edge. One witness identifies himself: “I am Hugh.” But the judge hears, “I am you.” Judge (responding to the man): You are me? Man: No, I am you. The perplexed judge implores the bailiff: “Make him stop saying that!”…

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Deepak Chopra vs. R. C. Foster

Deepak Chopra was teaching his audience that each person is god (and this event taking place in a Protestant church, no less). Several times he used (that is, misused) Scripture to try and lend credibility to his points. I was reminded of something R. C. Foster (a longtime, beloved professor at Cincinnati Christian University) had written as he denounced promoters…

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Science vs. Christianity, per John Lennox

If you need material on science or atheism vs. Christianity, check out this math professor from Oxford (England). A very kind person, but tough, straightforward material (with a bit of whimsy). He’s put himself in very challenging situations, including coming up against the beliefs of Richard Dawkins (“the world’s most prominent atheist”), Stephen Hawking, and other famous unbelievers. At Lennox’s…

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serene lake with pier

Visiting in Japan in October 2016, on my one night in a hotel room, I suddenly realized I’d not watched any Japanese TV. It was fun to land on a kabuki theater performance and also a documentary about antique Noritake dishes. Then an announcer introduced the next hour’s topic: “mind-oh-foo-roo-nessu.” That’s mindfulness. I knew this is all the rage in…

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